Prolan is now available throughout Iceland a country with great recognition for its nature, purity and clean environment.  Also a world leading nation when it comes to using geothermal water from natural energy resources ( waterfalls and geothermals ) for heating and electricity. Iceland in winter is a cold place with snow and ice -this corrosive environment lends itself to the application of Prolan which performs excellently in extreme conditions.

Prolan is being used for rust protection in agriculture, marine and aluminium industries as well as automobiles. Prolan Iceland offers an undercoating surface to prevent rust on vehicle chassis as well as distributing Prolan to many outlets for purchase.!solustadir/w38uh

Prolan Iceland contact details are as follows:

Rauðhella 1, 221 Hafnarfjörður: Sími 7700950 : www. [email protected]

Sales: Ottar Arnason +354 5358787