Windtech Denmark

Prolan stops salt water corrosion on Windmill Power Turbines.

‘WindTech AS’ is a Danish company, situated in the ‘Western part of Jutland’ – ‘Where the roots of wind power really started to prosper and expand all over the world’. ‘WindTech’ is one of the leading companies in Europe
specializing in the repair and maintenance of small to medium sized wind turbines. ‘WindTech’s’ strengths are quality, tradition, and considerable experience with the construction and service of wind turbines. They have the skill and knowledge to completely overhaul gearboxes, generators, hydraulic and electrical systems, which are the heart of these machines. During maintenance and operation of the turbines exposed steel surfaces are subjected to corrosion from an extreme salt environment.

  • Prolan is non-conductive to 70kv and therefore can be safely used around the electrical components on the Wind turbine systems.
  • The exposed steel surfaces and components are treated with Prolan Heavy Grade during maintenance and installation providing protection from the corrosive salt environment.
  • The Prolan grease anti-seize has made maintenance easy as everything now comes undone when it should.


‘Windtech’ use ProLan today to protect all exposed steel surfaces such as gear wheels, shaft ends, hydraulic fittings and electrical components during and after repair.