Corrosion Protection
From industrial machines to marine applications to agricultural equipment, protecting against corrosion is a never-ending battle. Our solutions will put you on the front foot.

Our lanolin corrosion protection products are suitable for any condition, application, or environment, including marine environments and other locations with high levels of corrosion risk. They are easy and safe to use, require minimal preparation and they offer long-lasting protection, helping ensure your machines, equipment, and components stay rust-free for longer while also preventing corrosion-related breakdowns.

Win Against Rust

At Prolan, our corrosion protection solutions are made from lanolin, a sustainable and natural raw material produced using sheep’s wool. They penetrate deep into rust to provide ultimate protection to both metal and alloy surfaces. Our solutions also provide a layer of protection on the surface, preventing water and oxygen from getting onto the metal, which prevents corrosion.

You can trust the versatility and reliable performance of Prolan’s corrosion protection products, ensuring your machines and equipment are better protected and for longer. Choose the environmentally friendly corrosion protection solution. Choose Prolan.