Lubrication Solutions

Enduro Heavy Grade


Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade is an excellent longterm lanolin corrosion inhibitor which stays on in the harshest environments. It is an easily sprayable light brown coloured liquid that stays on longer than Prolan Medium Grade. Once sprayed it leaves a colourless shiny surface. This product will improve chassis WOF & COF checkouts – protect assets longterm and increase their resale value – cold waterblasting will not remove this protective coating. This product has International FOOD Grade Approvals.

Recommended Uses
  • Long term rust preventative -highly corrosive areas, salt water, fertiliser works, marine applications.
  • Longterm storage of Concrete beam moulds made of steel
  • Excellent for chassis protection on Trucks and vehicles -assists vehicle inspections – WOF. COF. Cold waterblasting will not remove.
  • Rust preventative on equipment or spare parts being stored for long periods or in direct contact with marine environments.
  • Panel beating undersealing chassis ,inside vehicle panel double skins. Prolan creeps into hard to reach areas.
  • Marine: trailers showing signs of rust, vessell hulls, barges’s, anchor warps.
  • Prolan is excellent as a protective coating over a boat trailer once the galvanising has worn and initial signs of rust become visible. It is not recommended to spray Prolan over newly galvanised surfaces.
  • Wire rope and chain protection.
  • Tyre beading mounting.