Our Story

At Prolan, we make rust protection, lubrication, and anti-seize products with a difference – they are made using the environmentally sustainable and high-performing ingredient called lanolin derived from sheep’s wool.
Benefits of Prolan
  • Long-lasting protection that saves time by preventing multiple reapplications
  • Resists acids, alkali, and being washed off surfaces
  • Excellent protection for parts in storage or transit
  • Safe to handle and apply in all workplace environments
  • Penetrates rust to protect metal and alloy surfaces
  • Prevents moisture and oxygen from contacting metal surfaces
  • Lifts rust scale and frees up seized parts
  • Forms a moisture barrier to prevent corrosion
  • Ideal as a general workshop lubricant
  • International food Grade Certifications – NSF H1
  • MPI C12, MPI C15
  • Eurofins France drinking water approval for potable water.
  • Nonconductive to 70 Kv
  • Minimal preparation required prior to application.
What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is sheep wool grease, so it is produced using the wool from New Zealand sheep. Not only is it a natural and sustainable raw material, but it also has excellent lubrication and corrosion-resistant properties.

The raw material in our products comes from sheep, so NZ sheep are central to the production of Prolan products. We work with farmers who are trusted guardians of the land and who ensure their sheep live in clean and open spaces while being exposed to the open air and range of climates that we have here in New Zealand.

Our products are developed by experienced and knowledgeable engineers and scientists, plus we continuously invest in R&D to further improve the range of products that we offer. All manufacturing takes place in NZ. We work closely with our customers to ensure we continuously innovate to develop sustainable solutions for real-world challenges, even in the toughest of conditions.