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Anti Seize – Hard Grease


Light brown waxy colour which is firmer than Soft Grease. Perfect for warmer climates. Stays clean during application. Internationally certified by NSF for worldwide certification in food processing industries.Eurofins France – worldwide environmental laboratories certification.

All prices are in NZD and exclude GST and Freight.

Recommended Uses
  • Biodegradable/ Natural Anti-seize.
  • Excellent for Marine applications where extreme salt water corrosion is prevalent – fittings on jetties, wharves, bolts, rods ,threads. Bolts can be undone years later.
  • General purpose Anti-seize. On Stainless steel components to prevent galling between threads and fittings.
  • Lubricant for slow moving pins and bushes.
  • Prevention of battery terminal corrosion.
  • Seals and preserves plastic, rubber and metal hose fittings – preventing perishing (suitable for food grade applications)
  • Effective cutting and drilling compound.
  • MIG welding nozzle anti-splatter
  • Communications and telecommunications equipment – protects wiring, connectors and seals
  • Any static application where exposure to extreme corrosion over time is an issue e.g. fertiliser spreaders, trolling cables etc.
  • As an added barrier to prevent electrolysis between dissimilar metals
  • Food Grade Application – International Approvals H1, Eurofins France potable drinking water.
  • NZ Food Grade application – C15 – Dairy and Non-Dairy approvals.
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