Lubrication Solutions
Prolan lubrication solutions are custom manufactured to be effective in the most demanding of conditions, helping to protect your assets and the environment.

The main ingredient in our range of products is lanolin, a versatile natural substance produced from sheep’s wool. We use wool from sheep farmed in New Zealand, so they benefit from NZ’s natural environment and variable climate conditions. The naturally produced wool grease from these sheep also ensures our products deliver the highest levels of quality and performance.

Effective Lubrication

Lanolin is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and it is suitable for use on all types of metals as well as rubber and other synthetic materials. The unique properties of lanolin also ensure higher levels of performance compared to equivalent petrochemical-based lubricant products. Our lanolin-based products at Prolan are versatile, longer-lasting, and safe on environment and personnel and offer higher levels of protection.

This brings a wide range of benefits to your business and operations, including reduced costs and improved productivity because you will experience less downtime for maintenance. Our lubricant products also help extend the usable life of your machines, equipment, and components.