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Prolan Extreme


Prolan Extreme – Excellent for long term natural rust protection which leaves a cleaner drier waxy coating than the Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade. For use in Extremely corrosive environments -sand, salt, fertiliser, mud, marine conditions – or where a longer term protective coating is required. Stays on a metal surface the longest out of the Prolan range to provide ultimate protection.

Recommended Uses
  • Heavy construction projects – bridges, marine.
  • Heavy machinery applications fertiliser spreaders/loaders.
  • Equipment/machinery exposed to a marine environment – boat trailers, submersible pumps, cranes.
  • Vehicle Chassis – 4 WDs, Truck, loader.
  • Long term rust protection for equipment storage outside.
  • Panelbeating applications – panelwork.
  • Horticultural tractors, spray equipment.
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