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Independent Stevedoring Ltd’ found that the life of the ropes has been increased. ‘Prolan Lanolin Lubricant’ has also been an effective protection for the twitches and tie down ratchets. - Glen / Independent Stevedoring

Suzuki NZ recommend the use of PROLAN spray a lanolin protective coating that resists corrosion and rust. It resists being washed off, resists acids and alkali, the protection is long lasting and doesn't need re-applying every service. The new version – PROLAN ENDURO doesn't leave a sticky residue and becomes dry to touch overnight. PROLAN lubricants help prevent electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals, great for spraying in brake calipers at Pre Delivery (Pads require removal) or before fitting new pads. The lanolin grease is a longer lasting anti seize compound for drive shafts/pivots and doesn't soften or damage rubber boots. In corrosive environments such as the dairy industry, products such as this save a lot of unnecessary repairs. Please visit the PROLAN website for further information. All PROLAN products are natural, safe to handle and easy to apply. - Suzuki NZ

Esbjerg Havn Port is one of the largest in Denmark handling 2/3rds of the countries truck transport cargo. This port has 40yrs of experience in the oil and offshore oil industries. Esbjerg Port was first introduced to Prolan by a forklift supplier in Denmark who had corrosive issues on forklifts exposed to the harsh North Sea weather conditions. - Port of Esbjerg

The company ‘Hartmann’ founded in 1917 are the world’s leading manufacturer of moulded fibre egg packaging, and are also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machinery for producing moulded fibre packaging. They develop, manufacture and sell recyclable packaging for eggs and fruit. All ‘Hartmann’s’ products are based on recycled paper which is a renewable CO2-neutral and bio-degradable resource. Throughout their production plants they see numerous corrosion issues.The pumps and production equipment at ‘Hartmann’ were extremely corroded from the paper pulp production working conditions at high temperature. The maintenance staff have found over the last 3-4 years that the ‘PROLAN GREASE’ has surpassed any product they have used to prevent corrosion and general maintenance - for assembling and protection. For corrosion protection on the outside of equipment ‘PROLAN HEAVY GRADE ENDURO’ is used. ‘Hartmann’ maintenance management now recommend that ‘PROLAN' products be used on any production machinery and pumps throughout their plants worldwide. - Danish Export Hartmann

DESMI is a world leading pump supplier who design and manufacture pumping systems including offshore oil skimmers. The company founded in 1834 has a worldwide distribution network, and is well known in the marine, shipping and oil industry as a pump supplier for high performance pumps. These pumps perform well in a variety of applications from extreme, aggressive cold environments to fire-fighting systems in hospitals, smaller buildings and military-army applications worldwide. The fight against corrosion and electrolysis is a continuous issue in these situations and DESMI are always looking for better solutions. DESMI’s team leader ‘Mr. Ajs Dam’ when introduced to PROLAN could immediately see the benefits in using one product that could act as a corrosion inhibitor, electrolysis barrier, anti-seize and lubricant. - Desmi Pumps Denmark

Prolan has been used over the years on Great Island -a small island 90km off the Coast of NZ. The performance of 'Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade' and 'Prolan anti-seize grease' is excellent in this highly corrosive, exposed coastal island. Prolan protects trailers, tractors, machinery - saving valuable assets and protects the environment. - Prolan Great Barrier Island

'Wintech AS is a Danish company - one of the leading companies in Europe specializing in the repair and maintenance of small to medium sized wind turbines. ' Where the wind power really started to prosper and expand all over the world'. They have skills and knowledge to completely overhaul gearboxes, generators, hydraulic and electrical systems, which are the heart of these machines. The turbines are subject to corrosion from an extreme salt water environment . Wintech has solved the problem by using Prolan products - the Heavy Grade is sprayed on steel surfaces during maintenance and installation. Prolan is non-conductive to 70 Kv and can be safely used around the electrical components on the wind turbine systems. The Prolan grease is an excellent anti-seize enabling bolts to be undone years later. 'Wintech' have seen the huge difference Prolan has made expecially on wind turbines located offshore. For this reason all subcontracted installation teams are asked to use Prolan during re-installation of the wind turbines - Prolan Stops Salt Water Corrosion

Prolan's distributor in SWEDEN - ITEMS AB has now introduced PROLAN to PARKER HANNIFIN AB. PARKER HANNIFIN is a world known company who has seen the benefits and the performance of PROLAN. Parker Hannifin coat the pistons on the air cylinders with Prolan. They then are used for sea transport - Prolan has shown excellent performance on these cylinders providing long term corrosion protection. - PARKER HANNIFIN AB

In October 2011 the cargo ship Rena ran aground on the Astrolabe reef 15 miles off the coast of Port of Tauranga, New Zealand. This ships grounding created one of the worst environmental maritime disasters in New Zealand history. 1300 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 1700 containers have to be removed. To remove the containers ‘PB Seatow’ set up two large crawler cranes on a large barge that could be moved in close around the shallow waters of the wreck. These cranes would then lift the containers off the wreck and on to a waiting ship to be transported back to Tauranga. This operation would take somewhere between 6 months to 2 years and during this time the two cranes would be exposed to the harse salt water conditions and corrosion. Solution Coat the cranes with ‘Prolan Heavy Grade Enduro’ to form a protective lanolin wax barrier on the steelwork and wire ropes. This would ensure the cranes remain in good condition and service for when they are returned to life back on land. Prolan is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution and can be re-applied while out at sea if necessary. The advantage of the ‘Prolan Heavy grade Enduro Liquid’ is: An easy to use biodegradable product that is a safe alternative for the environment where protection of our oceans and marine life has now become a global issue. The lanolin does not evaporate off or break down and lasts for long periods even when exposed to the extreme environments. Results It is anticipated that the cranes will only require 1 or 2 coats a year and will help protect these valuable assets while working in such an extreme environment. - RENA DISASTER

Epoke' are world leaders in the manufacture of equipment used to spread salt spray on roads and airports to prevent the formation of ice and combat slippery roads and runways. 'Prolan' has provided 'Epoke' with an environmentally friendlier, less toxic alternative to copper and aluminum based products for lubrication. Prolan Grease is used during assembly in the production shop all components are easily removed when the service period or maintenance is due. Prolan Heavy Grade spray is used to coat machinery and cavities where corrosion begins. Prolan has improved the presentation and prolonged the life of machinery and components working in an aggressive environment. Prolan is safe and easy to apply - staff are using less toxic products. - Epoke Denmark

The Danish company ‘Agrometer’ founded in 1977, are a manufacturer of unique, high performance pumps used for irrigation, clean water, slurry and wastewater. They are a global supplier to many different markets such as aquaculture, shipping, general industry and communities. ‘Agrometer’ has had an ongoing constant battle against corrosion until they were introduced to the ‘PROLAN’ range of products in 2013. They now extensively use ‘PROLAN’ in different departments ranging from assembling their own pumps to protection of sea freight and components sent to overseas customers. The production and maintenance/service staff at ‘Agrometer’ give ‘PROLAN’ products their highest recommendation. ‘PROLAN’ products are used anywhere that they know corrosion is an issue i.e. connections, flanges, bolts etc - Agrometer

After 2yrs there is no sign of any corrosion. Depending on the situation it is expected that the grease should provide protection for 10-15yrs. - Tauranga Bridge Marina

Spat Supplies’ are one of the few companies in the world who collect wild ‘Green- lipped Mussel Spat’ off the coast of ‘New Zealand’. To do this they use large loaders and drive these completely into the surf to collect the spat. This all has to be done with the utmost urgency when the tides, weather patterns and winds are all in the correct alignment. As a result the starter motors on the loaders fill with salt water which destroys the wiring and bearings inside the starter. These starters then have to be replaced after collecting the spat, as the old one is dysfunctional and thrown away. Remove and dis-assemble the starter before it enters the surf. Coat the inside of the starter liberally with ‘Prolan Heavy grade spray’ and then reassemble. Because the Prolan is non-conductive to 70 000 volts there are no electrical issues after applying the coating. ‘Prolan’ is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution. The starter continued functioning even when it was full of salt water!! These starter motors often give trouble during spat collection and are then a throw away item. There was no lost time due to a faulty starter. The starter motor on the loader worked fine during the collection of the mussel spat in the surf and for days afterwards. The only reason it was removed was because it had become sluggish. Cost savings as starters have a longer life. - Spat Supplies

‘TOYOTA ‘(Denmark) in ‘Logstor’ and ‘Aars’ have again taken a step to improve their quality. ‘Brian Pedersen’ in ‘Logstor’ had a customer visit the garage and tell him about ‘Prolan’ and he thought that they should at least try the products. ‘TOYOTA’ companies ‘Hanherred & Himmerland Biler’(cars) in ‘Denmark’ who have branches in ‘Aars’, ‘Brovst’ and ‘ Logstor’ continually strive to improve their performance, quality, staff and service, and therefore deliver these to the highest standards. This is now part of their everyday culture which has led ‘Toyota Denmark’ to achieve Environmental Certification DS/EN ISO 14001. Denrex’s salesman ‘Niels Bilde’ demonstrated ‘Prolan’s’ performance to the team and subsequently they started testing. They quickly saw many of the advantages ‘Prolan’ had at the garage and very shortly after that recommended it to their branch in ‘Aars’. Manager ‘Jens Kr. Jensen’ gathered all the technicians and together with ‘Niels Bilde’ they explained the many applications of ‘ Prolan’ and the many tasks and issues that they could now solve with just one product. - Toyota Denmark

Masters Panel beaters have been in business for many years treating the underbodies and door panels of vehicles for rust. Masters Panel beaters operate in Kaitaia which is only a few kilometers from the east and west coasts of New Zealand. The moist salt air and salt water on the beach cause many vehicles to rust out within a few years. Tourist operators run vehicles daily along ninety mile beach exposing them to salt and spray. - Master Panelbeaters

Prolan is now available throughout Iceland a country with great recognition for its nature, purity and clean environment. Also a world leading nation when it comes to using geothermal water from natural energy resources ( waterfalls and geothermals ) for heating and electricity. Iceland in winter is a cold place with snow and ice -this corrosive environment lends itself to the application of Prolan which performs excellently in extreme conditions. Prolan is being used for rust protection in agriculture, marine and aluminium industries as well as automobiles. Prolan Iceland offers an undercoating surface to prevent rust on vehicle chassis as well as distributing Prolan to many outlets for purchase - Prolan Iceland

Quad bikes are an essential part of the New Zealand dairy farmer’s modern farming world. The corrosive nature of the cow manure on the farms causes the framework of the quad bike to rust out. Some bikes are treated with a diesel and oil mixture, however this evaporates off and breaks down in approximately 3 months. Most frames rust through on the front steering wishbone where the muck has built up over the top, and the owner is therefore unaware what is happening underneath or the safety issues about to present themselves.When the wishbone finally gives way all steering is lost and the bike is off over a bank or into a drain. - Farmers Fight War Against Rust

I have been using Prolan for a few years on my vehicles, boat and house and am very impressed by its performance in a salty coastal environment. Murray and the team are understandably passionate about the product and a pleasure to deal with 10/10 - Brian

I've used lanolin based products for a number of years for rust protection and lubrication on my light machinery and boat and was delighted to come across Prolan - a local product that really meets my expectations - Cap'n Crayfish

Great product. Wouldn't use anything else and made right here in NZ - Garth

“I can give PROLAN our best recommendations and we are sure that many harbours could benefit from using ‘Prolan’ to solve problems and to reduce the numbers of products/chemicals used,” - Hans Christian Lindholm

We can give PROLAN our best recommendations and we are sure that Many factories could benefit from using PROLAN to solve problems and to reduce the numbers of products/chemicals used in the factory/assembly”, - Ajs Dam / System Assembly Team Leader

I have used Prolan for the past 10 years and the tractor is the envy on the island, I spray it every 6 months and this has given it the protection from the salt water and harsh weather we encounter here on Gt Barrier Island, NZ - John Glover

We can give ProLan our very best recommendations. - Niels-Otto Fuhrmann and Max Kjerulff / Managers, Windtech

“We recommend ‘PROLAN’ all the time. We are 100 % convinced and can see the difference. It is now part of our day, to hear and see how Prolan has solved problems and works.” · “THE QUALITY IS JUST LIKE TOYOTA !!!” - Brian Pedersen

This test plate as I call it has been left outside for 20 months in all weather. To be fair a protective overcoat of paint or under seal would have enhanced their endurance. The prolan strip is just showing a few rust spots coming through, but is showing better protection than the other two. Great product. - Graham Masters