Agrometer Denmark

The Danish company ‘Agrometer’ founded in 1977, are a manufacturer of unique, high performance pumps used for irrigation, clean water, slurry and wastewater. They are a global supplier to
many different markets such as aquaculture, shipping, general industry and communities.

Since the late 1980’s ‘Agrometer’ has become one of the leading
suppliers for irrigation projects and services on golf courses, football
stadiums, and parks. The company now employ 65 people and has a
27000 m2 site including production and administration facilities.
‘Agrometer’ has had an ongoing constant battle against corrosion
until they were introduced to the ‘PROLAN’ range of products.


‘Agrometer’ were introduced to ‘PROLAN’ products in 2013. They now extensively use ‘PROLAN’ in different departments ranging from assembling their own pumps to protection of sea freight and components sent to overseas customers.

The ‘PROLAN GREASE’ has proven to be excellent for the assembly of pumps and has also made the service and installation job much easier for engineers.

‘Agrometer’s pumps are installed in some very corrosive environments, therefore it is of major importance that parts can be disassembled for easy service and maintenance. By using ‘Prolan’ the results have been outstanding – disassembly is easier and there is less maintenance downtime.

Stainless steel surfaces were also becoming discolored and stained due to the corrosive environment that the equipment is placed. ‘PROLAN’ also has fully documented International NSF food grade lubricant approvals which make a considerable difference for ‘Agrometers’ Engineers.