Concrete Beam Moulds

Prolan Solves Corrosion Issues for Concrete Beam Moulds made of steel.

Prestressed concrete beam moulds made from steel are left outside in storage for long periods of time between use. These moulds are expensive to manufacture and replace. During storage rust and pitting corrosion forms on the mould surfaces. Before being used again these moulds require cleaning with wire buffs to remove the rust so that there is a clean finish between the concrete and steel surface. This cleaning process can take many days depending on the size of the mould. In worst case scenarios the steel mould has to be scrapped as the pitting is too deep.


Coat the mould inside and out with ‘Prolan Enduro Heavy’ grade to prevent rust and corrosion for periods of 12 months or more. Apply with a knapsack sprayer or compressed air system. Depending on the situation, some touch ups may be required after long periods of storage. The mould can then be steam cleaned when it needs to be put back into use. In some cases the Prolan does not need to be removed as it will act as an
additional release agent. For six months of storage use the ‘Prolan Enduro Medium Grade’ as this will leave a thinner coating that is easier to clean off.
Using the Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade liquid spray:
• Coat the mould inside (and out if required).
• Prolan is a natural lanolin barrier.
• A degreaser is available that can be sprayed on to the
Prolan coating, left for 20 minutes to soften the lanolin, then
water blasted off.