Desmi Pumps Denmark

Prolan solves corrosion problems and reduces stock holdings for DESMI Pumps.

DESMI is a world leading pump supplier who design and manufacture pumping systems including offshore oil skimmers. The company founded in 1834 has a worldwide distribution network, and is well known in the marine, shipping and oil industry as a pump supplier for high performance pumps. These pumps perform well in a variety of applications from extreme, aggressive cold environments to fire-fighting systems in hospitals, smaller buildings and military-army applications worldwide. The fight against corrosion and electrolysis is a continuous issue in these situations and DESMI are always looking for better solutions. DESMI’s team leader ‘Mr. Ajs Dam’ when introduced to PROLAN could immediately see the benefits in using one product that could act as a corrosion inhibitor, electrolysis barrier, anti-seize and lubricant.


DESMI has large pump units made of different components including – aluminium, stainless steel, hydraulic, and electrical. It is vital that Prolan keeps these connections and systems secure and operational in the harshest of environments.


All staff in the workshop now use PROLAN grease for assembling pumps and all corrosion problems have been solved. DESMI are pleased with the environmentally friendliness of Prolan products and in the future intend to only use PROLAN in the factory for assembly. DESMI also supply pumping systems for military/army applications worldwide and the advantage of PROLAN is that it has the NATO numbers for their documentation.