Dometic Waeco Denmark

Prolan Solves Corrosion Issues for Dometic Group Denmark

The ‘Dometic Group’ manufacture refrigeration and cooling systems for the Recreational Vehicle market worldwide. Dometic Denmark staff came into contact with Prolan at an exhibition show late in 2012. They could immediately see the advantages it could give them to prevent corrosion in their cooling, heating and air conditioning systems. These systems very often work under extremely corrosive conditions.


Dometic Denmark now use Prolan Heavy Grade Aerosols for general daily use and have seen excellent results already. They say this has given them an advantage over competitors, and even more satisfied customers due to the increased reliability of installations.

Using the Prolan Heavy Grade liquid spray:

  • To coat any areas that could be subject to corrosion on the external surfaces and in their electrical systems to prevent moisture attack.
  • Prolan is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution.


Additional advantages have been discovered by using the Prolan.

  • Prolan didn’t only solve the corrosive problems on equipment but also the electrical issues – Prolan is nonconductive to 70 kV.
  • The lanolin does not evaporate off or breakdown, it forms a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion in harsh conditions.
  • Prolan has been recommended by their staff not only because of the performance but also because they could reduce the stocks of other products that Prolan could be used to replace.
  • Prolan offered NSF food safety approval to class H1.