Epoke Denmark

Denmark solves salt spray corrosion problems with Prolan.

Epoke are world leaders in the manufacture of equipment used to spread salt spray on roads and airports to prevent the formation of ice and combat slippery roads and runways. Since the 1950s, Epoke have made a ommitment to develop machines for winter road maintenance in 23 countries worldwide. Epoke were looking for an environmentally friendlier, less toxic alternative to copper and aluminum based products for lubrication. At the same time they wanted to solve corrosion issues created by aggressive products being applied by their machines on roads.


Use the Prolan Grease:

  • During assembly in the production shop all the components are easily removed when the service period or maintenance is due.

Use the Prolan Heavy Grade liquid spray:

  • Coat the machinery and cavities where corrosion begins – the presentation and life of the equipment has been extended.

Prolan is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution.

The advantage of the Prolan Heavy grade liquid spray and grease is:

  • Easy to use biodegradable products that are a safer alternative for the environment where protection of our oceans and marine life has now become a global issue.
  • The lanolin does not evaporate off or break down and forms a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion in harsh conditions.


The machines are easy to service and maintain.
• The Copper and Aluminum products are being phased out.
• Machines continue to work in an aggressive environment.
• Prolan is safe and easy to apply – staff are using less toxic products.