Esbjerg Port Denmark

Esbjerg Havn Port is one of the largest in Denmark handling 2/3rds of the countries truck transport cargo. This port has 40yrs of experience in the oil and offshore oil industries. Esbjerg Port was first introduced to Prolan by a forklift supplier in Denmark who had corrosive issues on forklifts exposed to the harsh North Sea weather conditions.


The forklifts were sprayed with Prolan Heavy Grade and the corrosion stopped. The service technician had seen results from tests on the forklifts and could see the advantage of using Prolan product on the wire ropes of their Leibher cranes. Prolan not only stopped the corrosion problems on the crane wires but it also lubricated as well.

Prolan is now used on the wire ropes of the cranes for protection and lubrication. Prolan is also sprayed onto any exposed metal surfaces around the port that are prone to rust and corrosion. They have also discovered that Prolan does not need to be applied as often as the previous lubricant. The previous product had to be reapplied to the wire ropes every 2-3 weeks. They have found the Prolan lasts 5-6 months reducing downtime and maintenance on the crane considerably.