Fertiliser Loaders NZ

Prolan Solves Corrosion Issues for Fertiliser Loaders

It is a known fact that the aggressive nature of agricultural fertilisers have a high impact on the corrosion of machinery and handling equipment. These machines can cost somewhere between 200 and 300 thousand dollars and rust out within 5yrs with no protection. This diminishes their resale value considerably. With a coat of Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade a lanolin based rust inhibitor the machines life can be extended, less maintenance is required and a higher resale value can be gained at the end of its useful life. Prolan acts as a long term, natural rust inhibitor that seals off the surface from air and moisture and prevents corrosion.


Coat the loader internally and underneath with Prolan Heavy Grade Enduro. The machine can still be washed with a water blaster and the protective coating will still remain. An annual clean and recoat as a minimum, ensures that the machinery remains in good condition. This product can be applied through a spray or undersealing gun by the customer if needed which can reduce application costs.
Using the Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade liquid spray:
• To coat underneath the chassis and in the motor bay. To
prevent corrosion.
• Prolan is a natural barrier and therefore creates an
environmentally friendly solution.
Using the Prolan Grease:
• Apply the melted grease with a brush onto the exposed
Steel bolts, nuts, hydraulic fittings etc.