General Boat Maintenance – Anti Seize

Prolan Grease Anti Seize

Sizes: 500ml, 4 litre and 20 litre

Prolan is an all-purpose natural lanolin lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Its unique properties surpass other petrochemical products in performance, reliability, longevity, protection, safety and asset maintenance. Medium grade liquid lanolin will preserve, lubricate, and protect your marine assets long term.

Extremely good anti seize for prevention of galling on stainless steel threads.
Added electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals.
Wheel nut threads and onto the hub surfaces to prevent the aluminum oxidation from mag wheels.
Assembly of components that have to be removed or opened up for maintenance.
In and around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and corrosion.


Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplication
Prevents moisture & oxygen from contacting metal surfaces.
Will last longer in joints or threads and allow easy maintenance.
Doesn’t leave behind fingerprint
Won’t break down rubber and wiring.
Seals off the surfaces from air and moisture and prevents corrosion.
Safe to use, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.