Hayes International Treat Export Machinery With Prolan

Hayes International have been in business since 1960 and design and manufacture machinery for roll forming roof cladding and purlin sections used on buildings around the world. These machines are exported worldwide from New Zealand and during shipping rust forms on the rolls and exposed steel surfaces. This rust then creates a lot of cleaning when the equipment arrives at its final destination before it can be put into production. Delivering a brand new machine to the customer covered in rust did not create a good impression.

The current product that Hayes were using (before they discovered Prolan) had to be applied after hours when no one was in the workshop because of its toxicity.


By using the Prolan heavy grade liquid spray applied with a paint spray gun, a coat of lanolin then covered the raw steel surface preventing air and moisture from forming rust.

The lanolin does not evaporate off or break down and lasts for long periods even when exposed to the weather. Citrus based cleaners and normal degreasers make the removal of the lanolin easy before the equipment is put into production. However it has been left on in some circumstances and acts as a lubricant which wears off after the machine has been running for a short period.

The advantage of the Prolan Heavy grade liquid spray is:

  • It is also a clean easy to use biodegradable product that will not affect the environment.
  • Prolan could be applied during normal working hours, however there is a faint sheep aroma for a few hours.