J Petersen

Prolan Performs Well In The Real World

J. Petersens Beslagfabrik A/S – “IPA” – represents more than 130 years of experience and expertise in developing and producing builders hardware and fittings. Founded in 1869 in ‘Nibe’, a small town in ‘Northern Jutland’, ‘Denmark’, ‘IPA’ is still owned by the founding families and the managers today are third and fourth generation of the founders. In a complex of modern buildings covering more than 25000 m2, 250 employees combine skills, tradition and respect for genuine craftsmanship.

Areas within the plant are operating under harsh conditions which cause corrosion and lubrication issues that have been hard to control since the companies beginning.


One of the maintenance guys from ‘J Petersens’ came into contact with ‘Niels Bilde’ from ‘Denrex’ and he saw immediately the advantages that Prolan could give them.

Using the Prolan Heavy Grade liquid spray:

  • To coat the machinery and cavities where corrosion begins – the presentation and life of the equipment has been extended.
  • Prolan is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution.

The advantage of the Prolan Heavy grade liquid spray is:

  • The lanolin does not evaporate off or breakdown, it forms a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion in harsh conditions.


  • One year later ‘IPA’ use ‘Prolan’ on everything from lubrication to rust protection everywhere in the factory.
  • Drilling hinges- Lubricating with an earlier product they could only do 25 pieces and now using Prolan can do up to 800-900 pieces before cleaning the drill procedure – excellent!