Long Term Rust Preventative

Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade

Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre and
20 litre


Prolan is an all-purpose natural lanolin lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Its unique properties surpass other petrochemical products in performance, reliability, longevity, protection, safety and asset maintenance. Enduro Heavy grade liquid lanolin will preserve, lubricate, and protect your assets long term by placing a waxy film on the surface.

As a rust preventative film on vehicle chassis or bike frames in highly corrosive environments.
As a rust preventative for equipment being shipped overseas.
Use as a protectant for equipment being stored for long periods.
Under the floor of boat hulls to prevent electrolysis and salt water corrosion.
Spray around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and electrolysis.
Non-conductive to 70Kv won’t break down rubber and wiring.
Moisture barrier.
Safe to use in food areas where
NSF International food rating is required H1, H2, R2 or NZFSA C12.
Wire rope lubricant.


Shiny finish with less tackiness than other lanolin products and therefore won’t attract the dust.
Surfaces can be cold waterblasted, Prolan will not be affected.
Stops corrosion by preventing air and moisture attack.
Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplication
Won’t break down rubber and wiring.
Safe to use, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.