Medium Term Rust Preventative

Prolan Enduro Medium Grade

Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre and
20 litre


Prolan is an all-purpose natural lanolin lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Its unique properties surpass other petrochemical products in performance, reliability, longevity, protection, safety and asset maintenance. Enduro Medium grade liquid lanolin will preserve, lubricate, and protect your assets long term by placing a waxy film on the surface.

As a rust preventative film on vehicle chassis or bike frames in applications that can be re-coated in 12-24 month intervals.
As a rust preventative for equipment being shipped overseas.
On equipment in dirty environments where you don’t want the dust sticking to the surface
On marine outboard and inboard engines.
Spray around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and electrolysis.
Non-conductive to 70Kv won’t break down rubber and wiring.


Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplication
Prevents moisture & oxygen from contacting metal surfaces.
Will last longer in joints or threads and allow easy maintenance.
Doesn’t leave behind fingerprint
Won’t break down rubber and wiring.
Seals off the surfaces from air and moisture and prevents corrosion.
Safe to use, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.