Ommen & Moller Denmark Use Prolan

Ommen & Møller are a construction company that have specialized in surface treatments or painting of bridges and large steel components in offshore conditions around Denmark and Greenland.

The majority of these projects are based around corrosion prevention, or restoration of existing structures. They employ specialized staff to meet the challenges of each of these projects. The business is experiencing rapid growth and they have been nominated for ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2016. Ommen & Møller also work in conjunction with the government agency for maintaining the Danish railway systems called “BANEDANMARK” who maintain all the railway track systems in Denmark and employ 2,234 people. Corrosion is a serious issue for “Ommen and Moller”, and they are always looking for better products.


Niels Bilde the sales engineer at Denrex introduced the Prolan products to a foreman at Ommen & Møller, who tested it for some years on piles and columns in the fjords that were exposed to the salt air environment. They found that the surfaces were looking the same as the day the Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade had been applied even after 6 months. After being impressed with test results they started using Prolan products on a combined railway and car bridge which had been opened in 1935 called “ LILLEBÆLTSBROEN”. This is a riveted steel bridge which requires continued maintenance to be kept in working order. Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade is used as a protective coating against corrosion, and the grease is applied in areas that are hard to reach or on anything being assembled. Banedanmark have approved Prolan products for use in their rail network. They have also found that the Prolan Grease is excellent on the moving bearing of the railway bridges where it provides lubrication and corrosion protection at the same time. Prolan has made a significant difference to the life of these bearings