Praestbro Denmark

Præstbro Maskinerfind Prolan replaces many products.

Præstbro Maskiner are a Danish agricultural dealer who sell agricultural equipment and weighing systems to crop farmers, golf courses, parks and community gardens. This company is family owned with a high reputation for standing behind the products that they sell and maintain. There is a constant battle to beat moisture and corrosion problems on the equipment that they service and sell. Præstbro Maskiner have been looking for a product that would simplify the range of lubricant and moisture preventative products that they use on a daily basis.


The team at Præstbro Maskiner trialled the Prolan aerosol in their workshop and found that it could replace a large number of other products that they were using. It could be used in 90-95% of their day to day jobs that required a lubricant or moisture barrier and achieved better results.

  • The Prolan can is non-conductive to 70kv and can be used around the electrical components on the weighing systems.
  • It is also a clean easy to use biodegradable product that is great to use in the workshop.


Præstbro Maskiner A/S use ProLan today to solve and maintain a lot of different tasks. Prolan is used in the general maintenance of their tractors,harvesters and machinery