Toyota Denmark


“Worldwide ‘Toyota’ is known for its Quality and ability to last.”

‘TOYOTA ‘(Denmark) in ‘Logstor’ and ‘Aars’ have again taken a step to improve their quality. ‘Brian Pedersen’ in ‘Logstor’ had a customer visit the garage and tell him about ‘Prolan’ and he thought that they should at least try the products.

‘TOYOTA’ companies ‘Hanherred & Himmerland Biler’(cars) in ‘Denmark’ who have branches in ‘Aars’, ‘Brovst’ and ‘ Logstor’ continually strive to improve their performance, quality, staff and service, and therefore deliver these to the highest standards. This is now part of their everyday culture which has led ‘Toyota Denmark’ to achieve Environmental Certification DS/EN ISO 14001.
Denrex’s salesman ‘Niels Bilde’ demonstrated ‘Prolan’s’ performance to the team and subsequently they started testing. They quickly saw many of the advantages ‘Prolan’ had at the garage and very shortly after that recommended it to their branch in ‘Aars’.
Manager ‘Jens Kr. Jensen’ gathered all the technicians and together with ‘Niels Bilde’ they explained the many applications of ‘ Prolan’ and the many tasks and issues that they could now solve with just one product.


‘PROLAN’ has made a huge difference.

  • Using ‘PROLAN GREASE’ for brakes makes such a difference, that even after 12 months when cars come in for a service the ‘Prolan’ is still in place on the surface – lubricating and protecting even under the worst thinkable conditions.
  • Trailer connections being exposed to salt and water spray are protected with ‘PROLAN HEAVY GRADE SPRAY’. ‘Prolan’ will not evaporate and it takes more than 170 bar to wash it off. Around electrical fittings ‘Prolan’ makes all the difference by preventing moisture penetration.
  • ‘PROLAN HEAVY GRADE SPRAY’ can stop corrosion, so any damage will not spread. ‘Prolan’ can actually enter into a metal surface up to 0.1 mm, it then stops corrosion by keeping the oxygen from the surface.


The customers save a lot of money and ‘Hanherred & Himmerlands’ know that by doing an excellent job they will have these customers in the future. ‘Prolan’ has been recommended by their staff not only because of its performance but also because they could reduce the stocks of other products that ‘Prolan’ could be used to replace.