UK – Dorset Farmer uses Prolan

Godlingston Manor Farm in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset has been using Prolan to lubricate and protect its machinery and assets. Prolan has been tested on a variety of equipment from tractors and diggers to quad bikes to protect from rust and corrosion.

‘Everyone has problems with rust but, being so close to the coast, we tend to suffer the effects of the salt air’,
explained farm owner Ben Bowerman. ‘We have been very impressed with Prolan and intend to apply it to more
machinery to extend its useable life. Recently we have also used Prolan medium grade on our hedge cutter to
both lubricate and protect the exposed parts. The cutter has no corrosion and is performing really well, I would
recommend Prolan to everyone.’

Godlingston Manor Farm has recently installed a wind turbine and plans to use Prolan as protection from all that
Dorset has to throw at it.

Prolan ‘Sheep in a can’ is a performance treatment against rust and an electrolysis barrier. Prolan is a completely
natural product that is NSF certified. It can be used with confidence in all areas of the farm and is safe to humans,
animals and the environment.