UN Mobilkraner

Prolan solves electrical problems for UN Mobilkraner
on Grove and Sennebogen cranes

UN Mobilkraner A/S (UN Mobile Cranes) are the distributors for Sennebogen and Grove cranes in Denmark and Sweden. The cranes are equipped with the latest CAN-BUS technologies which have double sensors on all the hydraulic valves. If one sensor does not report correctly to the system the crane stops working.

  • UN Mobilkraner have found that by using one 8hr day to PROLAN
    treat all the crane connectors, they can virtually guarantee their
    operation in any kind of environment. PROLAN keeps moisture and
    corrosion away from the control systems.


There are no longer any breakdowns on the cranes because of faulty electronic systems. The director of UN Mobilkraner has also recommended PROLAN to customers that have cranes working in corrosive environments – such as on board marine vessels using cranes for seabed preparations, wind farm turbine foundations and dredging.