‘Spat Supplies’ are one of the few companies in the world who collect wild ‘Green- lipped Mussel Spat’ off the coast of ‘New Zealand’. To do this they use large loaders and drive these completely into the surf to collect the spat. This all has to be done with the utmost urgency when the tides, weather patterns and winds are all in the correct alignment. As a result the starter motors on the loaders fill with salt water which destroys the wiring and bearings inside the starter. These starters then have to be replaced after collecting the spat, as the old one is dysfunctional and thrown away.


  • Remove and dis-assemble the starter before it enters the surf. Coat the inside of the starter liberally with ‘Prolan Heavy grade spray’ and then reassemble.
  • Because the Prolan is non-conductive to 70 000 volts there are no electrical issues after applying the coating.
  • ‘Prolan’ is a natural barrier and therefore creates an environmentally friendly solution.


  • The starter continued functioning even when it was full of salt water!!
  • These starter motors often give trouble during spat collection and are then a throw away item. There was no lost time due to a faulty starter.
  • The starter motor on the loader worked fine during the collection of the mussel spat in the surf and for days afterwards. The only reason it was removed was because it had become sluggish.
  • Cost savings as starters have a longer life.