At Prolan, we have the lubrication and corrosion protection solution for your application.

Marine environments are tough on machinery and equipment, so it’s important to lubricate effectively and protect against corrosion with products that won't harm the environment. Our solutions at Prolan tick all these boxes and more. They are suitable for all marine applications and conditions, they are made using lanolin which is sustainable and biodegradable. You can trust Prolan lubrication products for your marine application.

Our products have excellent water-repelling properties, and they stop rust and corrosion by sealing the surface from air and moisture with long-lasting protection and optimal results. They are also safe to use on electrical connections, plastics, synthetic rubbers, and paint.

They are non-conductive so create an excellent barrier against electrolysis.They are the ideal solution for stainless steel parts and components, as well as equipment that requires regular maintenance.